Niagara Cricket Center/John Allan Park

Niagara Cricket Festival T20 Tournament

The Niagara Cricket Festival, herein referred to as “The Tournament”, shall be governed by the ICC Standard T20 International Match Playing Conditions and by the Laws of Cricket (2000 Code 3rd Edition – 2010), except as varied below.

Note: All references to ‘Governing Body’ within the Laws of Cricket shall be replaced by ‘NCF Tournament Rules Committee.’ The Tournament Committee reserves all rights to alter the Tournament format and/or structure as deemed necessary by circumstances beyond the control of the Tournament Committee, including but not limited to grounds, weather and light conditions. The tournament is hosted by Cricket Council USA (CCUSA) and Niagara Cricket Center (NCC), in collaboration with Cricket Canada (CC).

Niagara Cricket Festival T20 Format

Eight (8) invitational teams will be divided into two groups of four with each team playing three games in the preliminary rounds, semi-finals and Finals. A match is played between two sides. Each side shall consist of 11 players, one of whom shall be captain. Each captain shall provide a list of the names of the 11 players plus a maximum of 3 substitute fielders in writing to NCF Match Referee/Official before the toss. No player (member of the playing eleven) may be changed after the toss without the consent of the opposing captain. Only those nominated as substitute fielders shall be entitled to act as substitute fielders during the match, unless the match referee, in exceptional circumstances, allows subsequent additions. All those nominated including those nominated as substitute fielders, must be eligible to play for that particular team and by such nominations the nominees shall warrant that they are so eligible to participate in the Niagara Cricket Festival.

Team Squad (“Roster”)

  1. Each team must provide the Tournament Committee with a list of 14 players (also known as “Team Squad” or “Roster”) from which the playing team will be selected.
  2. The Teams Squads shall be submitted to the Tournament Committee in writing or via email by Monday, June 30, 2014.
  3. Once accepted and approved by the Tournament Committee, the squad will be thereafter known as the “Approved Team Squad.”       
  4. No additional players may participate in the Tournament after the Tournament start (unless previously agreed to by Tournament Committee in good faith owing to accident, injury or some other unpredictable circumstances that the Tournament Committee deem as sufficient reason for the change).

Playoff Eligibility Criteria

  1. Every player taking the field in the Quarter-Finals and Semi-Finals must have represented his team at least in one of its previous matches
  2. Every player taking the field in the Finals must have represented his team in at least two previous matches in the tournament.
  3. NO Exceptions will be made to the above rules regarding player participation as a “declared player” in the Quarter-Finals, Semi-Finals and Finals (unless previously agreed to by Tournament Committee)


The tournament will be played on the following points system.
NO RESULT – 2 POINTS (A minimum of 5 over’s must be bowled to the team batting first).

Niagara Cricket Festival T20 Groups  – MAIN DRAW

Canada Qualifier (A1) Team (B1)
Team (A2) Team (B2)
Team (A3) Team (B3)
Team (A4) Team (B4)

***One of the eight invitational teams will qualified from the local Niagara Cricket Center qualifying tournament on August 8-10, 2014.***

12 Matches in the preliminary rounds. Top two teams from each group advance to semi-finals. 2 Matches in semi-finals. Winners of the semi-finals advance to the Championship Match. One Championship Match.

Total Matches in the tournament – 15



‘NCF Tournament Committee’ shall fix a time that will be specified for the commencement of the interval, and also the close of play for each match, by applying a rate of 15 over’s per hour. When calculating the length of playing time available for the match, or the length of either innings, the timing and duration of all relative delays, extensions in playing hours, interruptions in play, and the interval will be taken into consideration. The calculation must not cause the match to finish earlier than the original time for cessation of play on the final scheduled day for play. If required the original time shall be extended to allow for one extra over for each team.

The preliminary round matches.

First Game:

(The team batting first will start their innings at 10:30am and ends at 11:50pm).

(The team batting second will start their innings at 12:10pm and ends at 1:30pm).

Second Game:

(The team batting first will start their innings at 2:30pm and ends at 3:50pm).

(The team batting second will start their innings at 4:10pm and ends at 5:30pm).


(The team batting first will start their innings at 9:00am and ends at 10:20am).

(The team batting second will start their innings at 10:40am and ends at noon).

Finals-Championship Match

(The team batting first will start their innings at 2:00pm and ends at 3:20pm).

(The team batting second will start their innings at 3:40pm and ends at 5:00pm).

 (Hours of play are subject to change)

Prize Money Formula – $30,000.00


Champion                                                           $20,000.00

Runners-Up                                                       $  5,000.00

3rd Semi-Finalist                                               $  2,500.00

4th Semi-Finalist                                               $  2,500.00



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