THE Niagara Cricket Club

The Niagara Cricket Club, previously known and operated as The St. Catharines Cricket Club, has the honour of carrying on a tradition of cricket in the Niagara Peninsula that traces its origin to the early 1800’s, with games on wickets mown by sheep between the local military garrison and the towns people.

With the establishment of Ridley College in 1889, a schoolboy cricket tradition sprung up to the advantage of all, as the Ridley Cricket grounds provided one of the most beautiful settings in all of Canada.

The changing face of the population in Canada has been mirrored in the variety of backgrounds in cricket that have been reflected in the teams field by the Niagara Cricket Club. Ex-Patriot Brits, Canadian schoolboys, West Indians, East Indians – all have contributed to the success of the teams in the Hamilton and District League – including the League Championship in 2001 – and tournament play and the continuing strength of the Club at the beginning of play on our third Century.

In 2009, when Ridley College folded its College Cricket Team, City club had to seek a new home ground. Due to the unavailability of a suitable location within the Niagara Region, throughout 2009 and 2010, the home games were played at Hamilton Mohawk Park. By the end of 2010, few members of the club managed to get ground in Burlington and the name of Niagara Cricket Club was due to change as Burlington United in order to use that facility. However, the club secretary and most senior active members of the club Tan Qureshi and Javed Mian along with President Mr. Patrick Little approached the City of St. Catharines Honorable Mayor Brian McMillan, City of Thorold Honorable Mayor Ted Luciani to have the joint effort of 4 to save the local club from its permanent folding. The efforts and legal guidance from its long-term president Mr. Patrick Little became fruitful. Niagara Cricket Centre was built in 2010. With the improvements taking place yearly, new turf pitches and a world-class outfield was built with the expansion of the club in 2015. Teams start to arrive from as close as GTA and Buffalo and as far as Florida, Caribbean Islands, England, India, Pakistan and Australia. Niagara is now home to many national team squad players who play and compete in various leagues and tournaments every summer.