2016 Spring AGM

2016 Spring AGM of Niagara Cricket Club (NCC) was  be held on Sunday April 24th at 11:30am at White Oaks Resort.

All returning players and  new members and all other interested parties were warlmy welcome to join and to attend at 11:30AM. The

Meeting Minutes:

  • The meeting was called to order by Patrick Little, Chairman, who thanked all those present for their attendance. In addition he formally recognized all Board Members for their efforts over the past year and all sponsors for their on-going support of the club.
    Tan Qureshi and Steve Ferley, Acting Secretary, presented a brief report of the HDCL AGM held on April 17, 2016, including an outline of the plans for the Elite and Premier Divisions for the 2016 season.
    As a result of the loss of several NCC players to other HDCL clubs and the likelihood of five NCC Elite players being seeded for the 2016 season, it had become clear that the number of active players available for an NCC Premier team would be insufficient for the club to field both an Elite and a Premier HDCL team. One solution to this issue would be to have only one HDCL team (this, in the Elite Division), with the other NCC team playing only “friendly” non-League fixtures, mainly, or solely at the home ground. That solution had been discussed with, and approved by, all NCC Directors. The HDCL Executive had been advised of the NCC Board decision. A motion to approve the decision to field an HDCL Elite Division team and a Non-League Friendly team for the 2016 season was proposed by Tan Qureshi, seconded by Neil Ali, and approved unanimously.
    Tan Qureshi reported that the NCC grounds were in excellent condition given the time of the year, with two games already having been played by early-April. Since considerable work had been done over the past two years, the future emphasis would be on maintenance which, even so, could be a major undertaking.
    It was proposed by Tan Qureshi and seconded by Mobeen Akhtar that Ahmed Habib and Zia Sarwar should be appointed Elite Team Captain and Vice Captain respectively. The motion was approved unanimously.
    It was proposed by Tan Qureshi and seconded by Sanyum Jain that Neil Ali be appointed Captain of the NCC Non-League, Friendly team. The motion was approved unanimously.
    The meeting was also advised that Tan Qureshi would become the Elite Team Manager for the 2016 season.
    It was proposed by Tan Quereshi and seconded by Nial Ali that Steve Ferley be appointed NCC Club Secretary. The motion was approved unanimously.
    The meeting adjourned at 1.15 p.m.