Board of Directors

The Niagara Cricket Club is governed by its founding and elected Board of Directors. The current board of 7 is composed of members with long term proven track records with the Niagara Cricket Club i.e. as captains, past presidents, major sponsors, past secretaries & treasurers  with at least 12 years in such capacity with the club establishment.

Mr. Little, has been a member of club for over 30 years and held the positions of president, vice president of the club for over 25 years.
– Over 40 years of competitive cricket playing and managing experiance
– Over 40 years of successful legal practice in Niagara region.
– Former Director of leading St Catharines organizations: St Catharines Hospital, Museum, Golf and Country Club, Downtown Association
– Past Chair; United Way of St Catharines
– Past President; Croquet Canada
– Honorary Trustee of Trinity College, University of Toronto.
He is a keen player and a strong supporter of Cricket in the Niagara area. His management expertise are highly visible both on and off the field. Over the years his long batting innings at the crease are well remembered by the opposing teams. Mr. Little, an established lawyer, has settled most disputes and controversial issues in a highly organized and professional manner for the club members. In 2011, Mr. Little was unanimously elected by the board as its Chairman.

Mr. Patrick Little - Chairman of the Board of Directors

Mr. Steve Ferley brings major cricketing expertise to Niagara Cricket Club.
– Managed successful Canadian and international companies for over 30 years
– Managed 2001 ICC Associates Cricket World Cup (24 countries)
– 1980’s Board Member; Cricket Canada
– Captained Toronto Cricket Club Premier team
– Captained Team Ontario cricket
– Managed 2008 ICC Quadrangular tournament (Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, Canada)

Mr. Steve Ferley – Member of the Board

Mr. Ali has been part of cricket club for 22 years. He started playing at Ridley College in St. Catharines and proved to be key all-rounder for the club for over 2 decades. Mr. Ali has always been available to volunteer hand and/or his enormous time to support Niagara Cricket Club. His long years of experience with the club brings well needed wisdom to the juniors and young player now representing league teams.

Mr. Asad Ali - Member of the Board

Mr. Hamdani has been playing for the cricket club for over 30 years since it’s days at Ridley College in St. Catharines. Hamdani family and Mohsin are well known in Niagara Community for decades of their generous contributions and their tireless volunteer works in St. Catharines and Niagara Falls. He is strong supporter of cricket in Niagara and as a member of the NCC Board of directors, he visits and witness all home games at the cricket grounds, He provides advice in all board meeting and AGM’s and understand clearly all matters related to Niagara Cricket Club, its league, its teams and members.

Mr. Mohsin Hamdani - Member of the Board
Tan Qureshi

Mr. Qureshi has been a member, an executive and strong supporter of the club for over 15 years. He also lead the premiere league team wins in 2000, 2004 and 2007 championship. Mr. Qureshi is a strong supporter of the sport. being an engineer, he visioned, designed and monitored the building of Niagara Cricket Center grounds and Turf Pitch squaure.

Mr. Tan Qureshi – Member of the Board

Mr. Loat has been a member of the club for over 35 years. He had been elected and ran the club for more than 3 decades as an executive while holding postions of president, vice presidnet, captain,  and treasurer. Mr. Loat, an ex-teacher and cricket coach of Ridley College, has been welll known to balance the books as a treasurer ….even during the tightest budget years.  Mr. Loat had been nomintaed for many awards and in 2011 received LIFE TIME ACHIEVEMENT AWARD from the H&D Distrcit League for his enormouse efforts and volunteer works he performed for Cricket in the league.

Mr. Chris Loat - Member of the Board

Mr. Nasir Mahmood has lead the club’s premiere team for over 12 years in a capacity as a captain/vice captain. He has finished as the MVP of the entire H&D league for a number of years and won Best batting, Best bowlong and Best all rounder awards. His talent in the ground as a batsmen and as a bowler had made major contributions to the success of the club and primere team. Mr. Mahmood, an owner of the one of the largest cricket indoor facility in Canada had sponsored many events, managed junior cricket academy and remain one of the strong support of the game in the province of Ontario. His contributions to the Niagara Cricket Club both as a player, as a role model and as strong supporter of Niagara CC are remarkable.

Mr. Nasir Mahmood - Member of the Board