Cricket introduced in West Lane High School in Niagara Falls by Tawab Ikram

Next Practice – Please note that there is no practice on Sat April 30th (tomorrow) and the next practice will now be conducted on Sat May 7th at 4:00pm.

Cricket introduced in West Lane High School in Niagara Falls by Tawab Ikram:
Over 100+ high school boys and girls attended and packed the GYM of the Westlane High School in Niagara Falls on Thursday April 28th ….when NCC fast bowler Tawab Ikram ran up to deliver his first delivery !!. They were just as stunned with the speed and runup of Tawab they were when Tan Qureshi told to all gathered that highest paid cricketer in IPL gets paid $2.4 Million dollars (Gautum Gambhir) to play just one season in 2011 composed of few weeks. A fun and info filled afternoon on cricket and cricket players brought local media and news papers to the scene of high school cricket…where many high school boys and girls joined in to PLAY cricket with Tawab Ikram and Tan Qureshi….some of the boys holding a bat and ball for the first time …and many girls trying catching ..and getting some of the boys RUN OUT..:-). The entire indoor cricket session (looked more like a cricket festival) with boys and girls batting…bowling…fielding and running hard between the wickets …fans clapping..encouraging their friends… in a packed gym…..was fully captured by few local newspaper photographers. At the end, Tan Qureshi and Tawab Ikram were interviewed and photographed by the local media ….rest assured now local Niagara papers will have a LOT write and print about this FUN game of CRICKET…:-). It did appear that this was the MOST fun filled afternoon ..the high school boys girls had in a longtime…as some ended up wining prizes when challenged by Tawab and Tan.

Bollywood Music & Comedy Show and Dinner:

In support of NCC, Shows Niagara plans to have Gala evening of Bollywood Music, Comedy Show and Dinner to be held on Friday May 13th in Niagara Falls. Popular Avenger’s Group will perform LIVE on stage at Our Lady of Peace Parish Hall located on Stanely Ave, Niagara Falls.

Tickets are available next week for only $30/Person which incldes Dinner with Music & Comedy Show.

For more info please contact:
Mr. Javed Mian (905)980-1409 – Mr. Masroor Ali (905)351-1984 – Mr. Zakir Ali (905)984-6045
Mr. Amit Sharma (905)401-6684 – Mr. Navid Qureshi (905)329-8850 – Mr. Nitin Sareen (905)321-5936