Music Show and Dinner – Summer Membership

Sat Indoor Practice:
The combined teams practices will continue on this Saturday April 23rd at 4:00pm at the indoor Soccer/Tennis facility. The indoor season will end with the last scheduled practice on Sat April 30th.

Summer Season and Membership: As we come to the end of Winter Season, the Summer Season will start in 2nd week of May. Please inform teams captains (Tan Qureshi for Premiere and Nitin Sareen for Div2) before May10th if you wish to join the summer cricket club composed of the 2 league team. Amit Sharma, the STC Club Treasurer will be collecting 50% of the summer dues $150/member from all who wish to join by May 10th.

Limited Sponsorship: If you are a full time student or un-employed or unable to afford while make into the league team ON MERIT i.e. selected by your captain then inform him immediately and he maybe seek out sponsorship for you. This limited sponsorship is ONLY offered if A)You make in the team due to you exceptional caliber B) unable to afford to pay the full dues.

Bollywood Music & Comedy Show and Dinner:
We expect all Cricet Players playing for Niagara Cricket Club to be present in formal dress at the MUSIC SHOW and DINNER as you ALL will be called …. on the stage to meet the local Niagara Community supporting Cricket and the new NCC ground…there are tons of Cricket fans in Niagara.