Terms and Conditions of Membership

Playing for The Niagara Cricket Club, historically known & established as The St. Catharine Cricket Club Inc. as a player & member, I understand and expressly agree with the policies and constitution of the Niagara Cricket Club, its affiliated leagues and its governed tournaments. While making use of its leased grounds & facilities, I agree that property owners, tenants, facilities/club operators, officers, directors, employees, servants, or agents shall not be liable in any manner whatsoever for any damages of any nature or kind whatsoever arising from any injuries sustained by me or my guests in or about the premises provided for play & used by the Niagara Cricket Club. Niagara Cricket Club, its officers, directors, employees, servants and agents are not to be held liable for loss or theft of personal property however caused whether such injury, loss, or damage is caused by an act of negligence or omission of staff, management, directors, captains or any other person. Any and all damages caused by me or my guests, agents, relatives, affiliates and councillors will need to be fully restored & repaired by me at my cost and I assume full responsibility of such damages and costs until restored to its original state.

By joining the Niagara Cricket Club for the season as a member & player, I am committed to the club for the entire league summer season. Request for a player transfer during the course of a  season to another club will be considered but only granted by the NCC board if it does not adversely impact the NCC Club’s league team, its structure and team organisation. During the course of the season, each release request will be reviewed on an individual basis by the board, by team captains and by the club treasurer for its impact on NCC and requires minimum of 10 business days to accept or decline.

Payment for seasonal membership dues alone is not considered as an entire definition of Good Standing with the Niagara Cricket Club and a guarantee of  a player release during a season.

The exculpatory clauses herein shall be binding on the heirs, administrators, councillors and all assigns of and by the player (or member).

By joining the club in person or filling out the On-Line Membership Form, I have read, understood and agree to abide by Niagara Cricket Club polices & constitution, H&D League By Laws & Code of Conduct, decisions of the directors of the board of the incorporated club, it’s affiliated league executives and of my captains and vice captains of the representing teams.